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The e-Tender Portal is an online solution that is aimed at simplifying the process of advertising bids and making it easy for any bidder to respond from the comfort of their homes. This user-friendly platform eliminates the need for physical presence and only requires an internet connection to participate. Click here to view our overall eTender Portal Video.

To successfully submit a Tender response, bidders are required to follow three simple steps:

  1. Signup as a Bidder

    Bidders need to complete and easy the registration process, providing the necessary information to be granted access to the e-Tender Portal.

  2. Download Tender Documents

    Bidders can access the relevant Tender documents through the portal. These documents contain all the necessary details and specifications of the advertised tender.

  3. Submit the Tender Response

    Bidders can easily submit their proposals through the e-Tender Portal. The system provides a straightforward and secure method for uploading and submitting all required documentation.

By following these three steps, bidders can smoothly participate in the Tender process facilitated by Sentech e-Tender Portal and click link to view our Registration and Tender Submission videos or our Frequently Asked Question List.

Click here to register/login to Sentech eTender Portal.