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SENTECH offers digital content delivery services to Public and Commercial entities. SENTECH's service and product offering has expanded to include SENTECH CONNECT which is Connectivity tailored for all sectors in rural and underserviced areas.



SENTECH provides high-speed broadband access, always-on Internet connection for government facilities in hard-to-reach areas in South Africa with a minimum speed of 10mbps scalable to 100mbps. SENTECH’s Connectivity of fully integrated solutions provides independent and unbiased end-to-end broadband access solutions to business customers in addressing their various technical, operational and business needs. The network enables data, voice, video and other multimedia applications for any device, any network, anywhere and for any business use. 

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SENTECH’s eHealth solution was introduced to minimise the digital divide by providing world-class broadband infrastructure to improve healthcare in rural and underserviced areas. SENTECH e-Health uses information technology to aid clinical services, strengthen hospital information systems, and enable electronic medical record-keeping and various eHealth applications such as telemedicine, teleradiology, virtual visits and patient portals.   

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Schools will benefit from SENTECH CONNECT through the upskilling of teachers, interactive localised teaching; additional online notes, videos, exercises and assessments and the interactive global teaching to add additional value to the content-based curriculum. While smart boards provide the facility for learners to participate in the structural process, giving the platform for learners to understand the subject through writing, teaching and drawing. Every learner can participate in the discussion via tablets making it easier and fun to learn more smartly.

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SENTECH CONNECT will enable the rollout of e-Services and address issues faced by local governments. The broadband offering will allow for the creation of Smart City Services; the Internet of Things (IoT), and Public Safety Initiatives. The creation of Smart City applications will also deal with traffic management, energy management, smart power grid, smart lighting of the street, water resource management and crowd management. SENTECH’s e-Services will also assist South Africa’s cities and villages to become more connected.

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