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Infrastructure Management Services

3rd Party Facilities/Equipment Management

Managed Network Infrastructure Services – Third Part Properties

SENTECH aims to combine its skills, resources and services into an Infrastructure Management Services offering. The initial phase will focus on municipalities where they will be able to contract SENTECH to manage their external infrastructure, and on-sell any available capacity for the municipalities’ terrestrial sites. This will allow municipalities to focus on their core business, whilst relying on a world-class network operator to manage their communication networks.

This Infrastructure Management service for Municipalities will include various capabilities, such as conducting due-diligence to establish customer assets and liabilities, and evaluate commercial potential, maintenance and support of the infrastructure and equipment, manage and sell facilities leasing/ co-location services of the sites, as well as develop a business and financial model framework on behalf of the customers.


Managed Network Infrastructure

Managed Network Infrastructure Services

Most of SENTECH’s customers own a network of some sort. With its vast experience in managing different types of networks, from broadcasting to telecommunications, SENTECH has built up a strong capability in network design, deployment, operation and maintenance. These skills and technical capabilities are the ideal foundation from which to offer network infrastructure management services to other network owners. The facilities leasing and managed services offerings are collectively referred to as Managed Infrastructure Services.